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Donat mini cocol. Donut vs Donut is a fast paced local multiplayer game featuring explosive donuts. The game is made by Antti Salama, and if you like it you should consider buying the iOS version (see the button below). Grease a large bowl with cooking spray and set aside.

Subscribe for more pranks, super lit challenges. What is the difference between Fried and Baked Donuts. There are two categories of donuts: yeast donuts and cake donuts. Anda dapat menghidangkan Donat mini cocol menggunakan 6 bahan makanan dalam 2 step. Beginilah langkah untuk membuat masakan tersebut.

Bahan dan Bumbu dari Donat mini cocol

  1. Sediakan 140 gr tepung terigu.
  2. Ambil 150 gr yogurt yg plain.
  3. Sediakan 2 sdt baking power.
  4. Siapkan 2 sdm gula pasir.
  5. Ambil 3 sdm air.
  6. Ambil Minyak goreng utk menggoreng.

Yeast donuts are made with a yeast dough and require a lot more time to rise before they are baked or fried. Cake donuts are leavened with a chemical leavening (baking soda and/or baking powder) and are much quicker to make than yeast donuts. View, comment, download and edit donut Minecraft skins. See more ideas about Donut party, Party, Donuts. ?Doughnut.

Instruksi memasak Donat mini cocol

  1. Semua adonan di aduk rata, lalu masukkan ke piping bag.. atau adonan di bulat2kan pake sendok. Goreng sampai kuning keemasan.
  2. Hidangkan dgn saus coklat, atau taburi gula halus.

A chocolate-glazed donut (or doughnut) with rainbow sprinkles. WhatsApp features a pink glaze associated with The Simpsons. May resemble the Bagel at small sizes. See more ideas about Donut maker, Donut maker recipes, Mini donuts maker. Use time management and math skills to help make great donuts that your customers will love.

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